Unstable Directions

Joelyn Alexandra
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A heist gone wrong, a relationship fractured, a possible conspiracy? When gallery intern Madeline Law saw her cousin, Nathaniel, convicted a second time, she started thinking beyond his past actions and asking - is there something bigger than the incident? This urban thriller eChapBook casts a sliver of light on these cousins, and the potential universe they unintentionally uncover.

P/S - Please ignore the PDF of Sample Page 35. It probably leads to nothing. Nope, nothing. Definitely nothing. 

Set in the canon universe of the Unstable Branch, The Library of Exchanges.

ISBN: 978-981-14-6643-4

Created in: Singapore

Until 31 Dec 2021, 50% of proceeds will go to AWARE Singapore. 

Here's what readers have said about this zine: 

"Equal parts thought-provoking and simmering with tension, Unstable Directions is a rousing accompaniment to Unstable-verse. Long time fans of the urban thriller series will not only be swiftly set-up for the next instalment but also unearth hidden gems that will undoubtedly play a crucial role in Madeline's future quests. History-buffs and puzzle-fans rejoice! This is a Singapore mystery like no other!"

~ Kane W. Holder, Author, Scriptwriter

"This is an enjoyable and intriguing sequel to Unstable Foundations, as it draws you deeper into the personal motivations and bond between first cousins Madeleine and Nathaniel, and reveals the level of danger they may be in. I cannot wait for more mysteries to be unravelled in the third chapter!"

~ Red Dot Diva

  • You'll get one (1) copy of the eChapBook, "Unstable Directions" AND one (1) sample page 35 (???)

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  • You'll get one (1) copy of the eChapBook, "Unstable Directions" AND one (1) sample page 35 (???)
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Unstable Directions

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