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Unstable Directions: Chapter 2

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Unstable Directions: Chapter 2

Joelyn Alexandra
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A single card, a single name, and a single track down the online wormholes. And yet, Madeline Law continues pushing on.

Since her last visit with Nathaniel ended with a tense cliffhanger between herself and the closest cousin she had to a brother, Madeline's new contact, Morganite, has been in the periphery as she continued with her now-part-time job while she awaits admission to university. Determined to get to the bottom of the people really behind Nathaniel's incarceration, Madeline realises that the wormhole is starting to become more of a web of networks, one she might be too miniscule to handle.

Unstable Directions 2 dives deeper into this rabbit hole, or network of spider webs, depending on who's telling the story.

Set in the canon universe of the Unstable Branch, The Library of Exchanges.

ISBN: 978-981-18-1939-1

Created in: Singapore

Here's what readers have said about this zine:

"Exciting and Intriguing. The interplay between Maddy and Nat, despite the space and distance, interwoven with the intrique and suspense, drove the narrative to the end. Hurry up with the next story already."

~ Kenny Chan, Kinokuniya Consultant

"The rabbit hole gets deeper in Chapter 2 of Unstable Directions as Maddy is caught within a puzzle box of characters and motivations. Joelyn Alexandra continues the expansion of the "Unstable Branch" of a unique multi-verse that criss-crosses different dimensions, boundaries and shady organisations. A must-read if you love immersing yourself into intricate mysteries!"

~ Red Dot Diva

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